GridSmart is an agile organisation, specialising in delivering hardware, communications, and software solutions.


GridSmart – Provider of cutting-edge technology and cost-effective solutions, designed to deliver optimal capability and supported by our highly experienced team of practitioners.


GridSmart is an innovative and operator-led company, specialising in technology development and integration. We bring you the data you need, where you need it, when you need it.
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We specialise in developing and delivering the solutions that organisations need to take intelligent decisions, direct effective operations, and manage risk.


Our experienced team have a track record of delivering complex, diverse, and secure solutions.


We pride ourselves on being an innovative operator-led organisation, specialising in delivering cutting-edge technology.

The GridSmart Team

All our software is wholly-owned by GridSmart and fully supported in-house by our experienced team of engineers and practitioners.

The GridSmart Operations Team is staffed, operated, and supported by highly skilled and trusted ex-Military and Police operators.

GridSmart Capabilities

GridSmart Software

Tracking, Sensing, Switching Software. Integrated Resource Management (IRM) Software.

GridSmart Hardware

Trackers, Sensors and Switches, & RFID.

GridSmart Software Apps

iOS and Android Specialist Apps.

GridSmart Communications

Satellite, GSM (2G/3G/4G), WiFi, Bluetooth, SIGFOX, and LoRA.

GridSmart Deployed Networks

Mobile base-stations with deployable network infrastructure & independent power.

GridSmart Expertise

GridSmart Development Capability

In-house software & hardware development.

GridSmart Research and Development

In-house Research and Development.

GridSmart Tailored Solutions

Software & hardware solutions to your specifications.

GridSmart Security Aspects

Information assurance, Mobile, Network, Server, & Systems security.

GridSmart In-House Expertise

Highly experienced technologists and practitioners within their own specialist fields of expertise.


We are a specialist, agile company who will partner with your organisation to deliver the system you need – from requirement capture through to acceptance testing and beyond.

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GridSmart works closely with customers in order to better understand the business needs and aspirations. Our approach to technology is to 'make your job easier'.

When working with our customers our aim is to develop a trust based relationship,in order that we can support you and work with you to deliver capabilities that meet your expectations.

If you need a specific product developing, our team take you through the entire process from requirement capture, R&D, system design, and development in order to deliver the solution you need.

Our approach is to provide 'low cost of ownership' - solutions that are modular, flexible, and scalable; capable of integrating current and future technologies, that provide scope for growth when required.


GridSmart are experts at development, integration, implementation and delivery of secure systems and are fully versed in enabling accreditable systems to your specification.
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GridSmart have a track record of building and delivering secure solutions developed to meet specific government security guidelines.

Our Approach

Our approach is to work with organisations to enable systems to be delivered at the required security levels.


Our solutions are designed to provide the highest standards of information assurance.

IPR & Code

GridSmart wholly owns, manages and controls all aspects of software, IPR, and code, which it can present for inspection to a security authority.

We host our systems on secure, dedicated, physical infrastructure and servers in accredited and secure UK data centre(s). We also are able to deliver solutions into your own IT infrastructure.

Tailored Delivery

We can provide dedicated and fully-supported solutions centrally from our datacentre, or delivered into a customer's infrastructure.

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GridSmart provide all our centrally hosted solutions from UK data centre(s) on our own resilient and high-availability hardware.

We manage and support all aspects of our service provision using our dedicated and highly experienced technologists and practitioners.

The GridSmart Operations Team is staffed, operated and supported by highly skilled and trusted ex-Military and Police operators.


High-availability hosted solution in an accredited, secure UK data-centre on our own hardware.


Dedicated instance, high-availability solution in an accredited, secure UK data centre, customer managed and operated.


A dedicated standalone installation delivered and installed within a customers site to their specification.