Auspex is able to deliver a real-time common operating picture for clients looking to monitor, track, and task resources, people or assets.

Auspex provides a powerful, intuitive, simple-to-use application.

Users have the ability to configure, manage, and monitor all of their devices and Apps from one place.

Auspex Security interface puts the organisation in complete control of its operational security.

You decide what applications and operations a user can access, and what level of control they can exercise.

Auspex provides the common operating picture as the basis for planning and directing effective operations and operational-responses in real-time.

Users can simply and easily set and define events and alerts using the intuitive interfaces.



Auspex a fully integrated tracking platform, capable of presenting information from sensors, switches, tracking hardware, and Auspex Apps.


We incorporate data from all our devices and tracking services into our structured analytical process.


Collaborate between organisations and operations; enable strategic decisions with local action - Auspex combines an intuitive command and control interface with ease of information sharing.

Events, alerts, locations, and status can all be viewed from the history interface. Simply define the period you are interested in and then playback, analyse, and export events to a PDF or spreadsheet.

Our Auspex Apps are designed to be both powerful and intuitive.

From monitoring an operative’s status and location, to command and control, our Apps ensure you are aware of what’s happening wherever the job takes you.

Auspex combines flexibility, responsiveness, and ease of use. The Auspex interface delivers features and functions on any modern web-browser and does not require any software installation or plug-in.


Auspex Capabilities

Auspex Switches

Auspex switches are designed to bring IOT functionality to remote deployments without reliance on existing infrastructure. 

Auspex Trackers

High speed tracking combined with specialist modes, event reporting, LBS services, tracking whilst on or off-networks, long-term sea and land operations which communicate via Mobile and or Satellite networks.

Auspex Sensors

Auspex sensors can integrate with your remote deployment to provide true 'over the horizon' monitoring independent of existing infrastructure giving you full IOT operability.


Auspex Network

Deploy your own multi-network communications infrastructure.  Auspex network enables communications in remote environments, regardless of existing infrastructure, and can be deployed with or without a permanent power source.

Auspex Server

Auspex devices, apps and sensors all integrate with the Auspex system, where they are monitored, managed and configured. Event management, history analysis, operations, security, and user management are provisioned.

Auspex Mobile Apps

Auspex has a number of specialist Mobile Apps for tracking & monitoring of assets, sensors, operators, and subjects of interest.