GridSmart have a track record of developing and delivering tailored server solutions, hardware products, and mobile apps that meet our customers requirements and security parameters.

Our Approach

Our approach to technology is to 'make your job easier'.

Our team of experienced practitioners will work with you throughout the process from requirment capture, design and development in order to deliver a solution that meets your operational objectives.

Our approach is always to provide 'low cost of ownership' solutions that are modular, flexible, and scalable; so that they can grow with your organisation and utilise new technologies as they become available.

GridSmart Capabilities


Tracking, Sensing, Switching Software. Integrated Resource Management (IRM) Software.


Trackers, Sensors and Switches & RFID.

Software Apps

iOS and Android Specialist Apps.


Satellite, GSM (2G/3G/4G), WiFi, Bluetooth, SIGFOX and LoRA.


Mobile or fixed basestations with deployable multi-network infrastructure.

GridSmart Expertise

Development Capability

In-house software & hardware development.

Research and Development

In-house research and development team.

Tailored Solutions

Integrated software & hardware solutions.


Information assurance, mobile, network, server, and systems security.

In-House Team

Highly experienced technologists and practitioners within their own specialist fields of expertise.

Development Process

GridSmart works closely with our customers in order to better understand business needs and aspirations. Our approach to technology is 'make your job easier'. Firstly we work with you to understand and capture your requirements in order to better understand what it is you need. This enables us to deliver capabilities that meet your expectations. We achieve this using our three phase approach to product development:


Firstly, we work with you to capture your actual business needs.


Secondly, we then map your business needs to potential technologies, and technical approach.


Finally, we build the solution from Proof of Concept through to the final delivered solution.

Contact us to find out more about how we can develop hardware and software solutions to meet your requirement.