Integrated Resource Management (IRM) - integrating sensors, switches, and tracking devices securely across all your sites whilst using the most appropriate bearer systems for your requirement. 


Your IRM system will provide you with a bespoke, powerful and intuitive interface to monitor all your resources across all your sites.

IRM provides a 'low cost of ownership' solution that is modular, flexible, and scalable; capable of integrating current and future technologies, without busting the bank.

Auspex IRM is secured and locked down to Government recommended standards.


IRM is configured to ingest and manage data from any connected technology or information source.


Where there are gaps, we have the market knowledge and expertise to overcome them by blending the most appropriate technologies for the job in hand.


Our system specialists understand how to establish and exploit the best technologies to deliver timely and usable information, presented in a way that makes life easy for your analysts. 


Auspex IRM Hardware

IRM Hardware

Auspex IRM is designed so specialist devices, trackers, RFID tags, switches, and sensors can be easily added to the system.


IRM allows users to configure individual thresholds in order to meet specific operational parameters.


IRM is able to fully integrate both Active and Passive RFID technologies to assist locating your assets.

Outputs from IRM can be easily integrated into any existing business systems.


IRM supports QR code and Bar code scanning.


IRM provides organisations with the ability to take  complete control over all its operations. The administrators define what a user can view, what they can access, and what functions they are allowed to use.

IRM Quality Control view all your transaction history; events, alerts, processes, locations, and status which can all be audited from the history interface.

Auspex IRM Capabilities

Auspex IRM RFID Sensors

Auspex IRM has fully integrated RFID capabilities, with both Active and Passive RFID, integrated RFID location tracking, QR code and Bar code scanning and work order processing.

Auspex IRM Trackers

High speed tracking combined with specialist modes, event reporting, LBS services, tracking whilst on or off-networks, long-term sea and land operations and communication via Mobile and or Satellite networks.

Auspex IRM Sensors & Switches

Auspex sensors and switches can integrate, monitor, and report with any sensor technology. Our sensors communicate using a number of network technologies such as specialist long-range radio networks.


Auspex Network

Deploy your own multi-network communications infrastructure, allowing you to operate independently of exisitng infrastructure. 

Auspex IRM Server

Auspex devices, apps, and sensors all integrate with Auspex, where they can be monitored, managed and configured. Event management, history analysis, operations, security and user management are also provided here.

Auspex Mobile Apps

Auspex has number of specialist mobile apps for the tracking & monitoring of assets, sensors, subjects of interest, and personnel.